Quickly split columns in revit

On a recent revit project, we had just preliminary sizes for the beams and columns. The columns were modeled crossing from Ground level up to level 5. Upon closer inspection, we found these columns reduced in size at every degree, so I had to divide the columns at each level in my Revit model. There […]


Just two trillion more galaxies in the universe than what was previously thought. Meh. The surprising finding, based on 3D modeling of pictures accumulated over 20 years by the Hubble Space Telescope, was released in the Astronomical Journal. Scientists have puzzled over how many galaxies the cosmos harbors at least since US astronomer Edwin Hubble […]

Five Ways to Begin Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming or Conscious Dreaming is the art of being aware that one is actually dreaming. In simple words, while in a dream, you are mindful of the fact that all the events are not happening in fact, or that you’re in a ‘It’s Just A Dream!’ kind of situation. There is a certain amount […]

Some tips for beginners on options

There’s absolutely no uncertainty in how binary options trading has successfully attracted countless traders from all around the whole world, but there continue to be few who wish to know the fact supporting the trading patterns. This is sometimes mainly as a result of a dearth of knowledge of the best options trading strategies. In […]

Tips from a local SEO expert

Our pals at Moz understand as it pertains to having your website noticed what’s upwards. We chatted with an in-house Local Search Engine Optimization pro to figure out what great and we recommend it to our customers. Moz Local is a program that automatically distributes your firm’s listing across publishers and various web directories online. […]

Some thoughts on track records

The manager you choose has to have a decent work experience record. Once you have gained substantial experience in the area for at least ten years, with an established history, your firm may choose you to truly provide you with the top job of the mutual fund manager. Firstly, you should check for a business […]

Is a basic income the new American Dream?

What do you think a basic income costs? The simple answer is: a lot. In America of that era, the New Deal focused on supplying jobs through public work programs, and there’s next to no interest in simply handing money over to the people. Martin Luther King Jr. was a patron, too. For a basic […]

Fatal alligator attacks and human encounters

Normally, alligators aren’t aggressive toward humans, but aberrant behavior may occur. Alligators that are smaller usually bite just once; nevertheless, up to one-third of attacks may include continued bites. Serious attacks are most probably caused by chase and feeding behavior and usually are made by alligators over 8 feet in length. Female alligators are known […]